DESCRIPTION: CIMLUBE ELS 12 is a grease made from a lithium soap and synthetic oil. It shows low levels of dynamic viscosity and high stability at high shear speeds and at low or high temperatures.

It has specific additives to inhibit oxidation, and stand up to wear, heavy loads and corrosion. It is compatible with all good quality elastomers except those of the EPDM types.


  • Its properties make it an excellent element for long-term lubrication of ball or roller bearings or smooth bearings operating at low temperatures or rotating at high speed.
  • CIMLUBE ELS 12 is also suitable for equipment involving low torque levels (electric motors, machine tool spindles, gearboxes, and mechanical elements for aeronautical, space or precision applications).
  • It is also perfectly suited for lubrication of direct or sliding electrical contacts.

PACK SIZE: 0.800 Kg