Anplex 0, 2, 3

Anplex 0, 2, 3

Multifunctional Lithium Complex Grease

INTRODUCTION: MOTUL Anplex grades are multifunctional lithium complex greases having high water tolerance and mechanical stability, combined with excellent high temperature performance. These greases are recommended for lubrication of all types of anti-friction bearings subjected to heavy load and high temperature.

APPLICATION: MOTUL Anplex grades are widely used in steel plants, mining and engineering industries. Anplex 1 is ideally suited for application by centralised system due to good resistance to oil separation under pressure.


  • Excellent service under severe load
  • Have excellent mechanical and shear stability
  • Capable of giving satisfactory lubrication in the temperature range of – 20°C to 160°C

PACK SIZE: 26 KG, 180 KG