Diesel Superior Multigrade Engine Oil (Improved)

INTRODUCTION: MOTUL DSM Plus 20W40 diesel superior multigrade oil which is an improved version of a dedicated oil for commercial vehicles and stationary engines operating under moderate to severe duty conditions. This product has been developed by carefully selecting the special additives packages due to which DSM plus exceeds the performance level of MIL C & MACK T-7 and offers longer drain period and excellent protection against soot thickening and corrosion.

TYPE OF USE: MOTUL DSM Plus 20W40 diesel superior multigrade oil is suited for all naturally aspirated 4-Stroke diesel engines used to power commercial vehicles, civil engineering machines, buses, generator sets and marine engines. This all season multigrade oil is also suitable for gasoline engines.


  • The multigrade properties of MOTUL DSM Plus 20W40 ensure cold start protection with rapid oil circulation during start-up
  • Optimal film thickness between sliding parts and Anti-wear properties, particularly at high temperatures
  • Good neutralization of acidic products formed by fuel combustion
  • Good protection against wear and thus increases engine life
  • Built-in Anti-oxidation, Anti-rust, Anti-corrosion and Anti-foam properties
  • Extended oil drain period & lesser oil consumption
  • Keeps the Engine parts Cleaner, hence reduces the overhaul cost

Packaging: 20 L, 210 L