Anlith EP 00

Anlith EP 00

Lithium Base EP Grease

DESCRIPTION: MOTUL Anlith EP1 and Anlith EP00 are Lithium base greases fortified with Antioxidant, Anti-Rust and Extreme Pressure (EP) additives. Use of these greases prevent welding and seizure of moving parts often caused by stock loading.

APPLICATION: These grades are recommended for both plain and anti-friction bearings in a wide variety of applications under load such as automotive, earth moving , gear couplings, electric motors, mining equipment and general industrial machinery. Also widely used in centralized system at steel plants. Gear boxes of small sizes where liquid grease is recommended.


  • Excellent service under severe load
  • Have very good Mechanical & Shear stability
  • Satisfactory lubrication in the temperature range of – 20°C to 120°C

PACK SIZE: 26 KG, 180 KG