Open Gear Compound O

Open Gear Compound O

DESCRIPTION: MOTUL OGEAR COMPOUND ‘0’ is an unleaded heavy bodied open Gear lubricant embedded with extreme pressure additives for enhancing load carrying capability.

APPLICATION: It is intended primarily for the lubrication of Large, slow moving, heavily loaded open Gears. MOTUL O gear Compound ‘O’ adheres strongly to gear teeth, resists fling off there by provides a wear resistant, Viscous, continuous film that lubricates well under boundary conditions. Motul O gear Compound ‘O’ does not harden, chip or flake off in cold weather. It is self-healing and does not form hard deposits in the root of gear teeth. Dropping and throwing are minimal and the lubricant is easily cleaned easily with a soaked with solvent rag.


  • Excellent protection of gear teeth
  • Excellent pump ability and spray ability even at low temperatures, giving improved lubrication
  • Minimal losses due to non-throw-off and nondripping, resulting in reduced consumption
  • No dripping or flaking at low temperatures
  • Absence of hard-packed deposits in gear teeth roots, give rise to longer re-lubrication interval/cleaning

PACK SIZE: 20 KG, 180 KG